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Bodmin Moorland Pony Rehabilitation was established in April 2014............

......when we took in our first small family herd of abandoned, seized feral Bodmin Moor ponies via Bodmin Moor Commons Council & APHA. Since getting involved in equine welfare it has become our aim to provide essential & life saving veterinary, nutritional & rehabilitative care to as many ponies that our limited space & resources will allow each year.We are a small, responsible rescue that believe in giving the few that we can help each year the best possible foundations by way of health, handling & trust to hopefully find their forever homes. We firmly believe in a No Fear No Force ethos & all ponies are worked with at their own pace to build a solid trusting relationship with humans. 

At Bodmin Moorland Pony Rehabilitation we have given hope & rehabilitative care to in excess of 40 Hill ponies, native ponies & fly grazed cobs from Bodmin, Dartmoor, Exmoor & across the U.K so far since 2014 & have successfully rehomed a number into long term loan homes & foster care. Sadly for a small few the level of neglect they have been subjected to was far too advanced & regardless of our best efforts could not be saved. At this point in time (January 2019) we currently have 14 rescue ponies directly under our care, successfully rehoming 11 into permanent or foster care during 2018 alone.

We work with numerous trusted charities, rescues & organisations across the U.K by way of offering any available rescue space we have to this network to help by way of picking up the pieces of the ever increasing equine crisis & assist campaigns for advancement in equine welfare & better enforcement of equine welfare legislation.

In order for us to continue helping more hill & native ponies & abandoned fly grazed ponies in the future we rely on donations of equipment, supplies & funds & are desperately in need of additional land to use or rent, preferably with (but not essential) barn/stables/shelter within a 10 mile radius of Bodmin, Wadebridge, North Cornwall coast between Padstow & Boscastle or Victoria. If you can help in any way please get in touch via our contact page.

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