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The rain here has now been unrelenting for over 24 hours! The yard is underwater and don't talk to me about mud! So we have struggled on regardless of it all and have successfully relocated Monty, Hodgy and Merlin to the new facility. All boys were impeccably behaved, loaded straight on to the trailer and are very happily snuggled up out of the rain for another night. Tonight is all about giving thanks to our little team Katy & Nikki wh

o have carried on regardless even in to darkness with me, to Julie and Kelly for helping with loading and relocation and dad for facing the elements and scrubbing, cleaning and sterilising some of the stables ready for our use. Couldn't have achieved today without you all! Thanks also to the many new followers who have discovered our cause today and supported us after recent media coverage of the plight ofBodmin Moors ponies and to all of our long term followers, sponsors & friends for your continued support. We couldn't do what we do for our precious ponies without everyone and are blessed to have such incredible support

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