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Why not give one of our ponies an essential gift

A Hoof Trim

Ponies hooves need regular trimming, anything between 6 - 12 weekly in order to maintain a healthy hoof and a happy pony. By donating £20 this will allow one pony to have their feet tended to by our fabulous farrier

Colt Castration

We believe that one of the main reasons the UK is in equine crisis is due to the growing problem of indiscriminate breeding. The cost of gelding a horse or pony is high meaning that male ponies are either disposed of or left as entire stallions. We strongly promote the castration of colts in order to allow them a full and happy life and to avoid unwanted future foals. By donating £250 this will allow our vet to geld one of the many colts that come into our rescue.


The majority of ponies that come into our care have significant worm burdens due to never being wormed. Worm damage can cause lifelong damage to a ponies stomach and intestines and can eventually prove fatal if left untreated. A wormer can cost us between £8 - £20 depending on what each individual pony needs. A healthy pony will need worming 4 times a year.

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