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Bodmin Moorland Pony Rehabilitation

It all started by helping a handful of abandoned Bodmin Moor ponies find a second chance at life...  

for the ponies, not for profit

Bodmin Moorland Pony Monty

Bodmin Moorland Pony Rehabilitation is a small charity based in Bodmin, Cornwall that have been primarily helping abandoned moorland hill ponies since April 2014. Over the years we have been assisting hill ponies from Bodmin, Dartmoor & Exmoor & more recently helping abandoned fly-grazed cobs from across the U.K.

Our aim at Bodmin Moorland Pony Rehabilitation is to provide the necessary rehabilitation to enable these feral, emaciated ponies the second chance at life they were initially deprived of. By way of desperately needed veterinary & nutritional support, care & trust we try to give these wonderful natured ponies the foundations to become fantastic family companions, riding ponies or best friends. 

We aim to promote both hill ponies from Bodmin Moor, Dartmoor, Exmoor & Britains native pony breeds, to raise awareness of local & national equine welfare issues & help to aid their plight by way of rescue, rehabilitation & rehoming where possible.

We are a small family run cause based just outside Bodmin with limited resources that has primarily been self funded with the additional help & support from our loyal supporters. If you can help our work in any way please look at our donate page for more information on how you can get involved. Every penny raised goes straight into the care of the ponies as we do not employ staff etc. 

Also find us on Facebook & Twitter for regular updates on our ponies:              

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Bodmin Moorland Pony Rebel
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